Friday, January 21, 2011

Personal Rights In Canada? NON EXISTANT!

It turns out that you can NOT defend your home and/or family in Canada.  Does this sound right? 
Ian Thomson

Here's the story:

In August of 2010, Ian Thomson of Welland Ontario was the victim of a home invasion.  It should also be mentioned that Ian Thomson is a registered firearms owner, and a weapons instructor.  So, it's safe to say he knows his way around his firearms.
His home was hit by no less than SIX Molotov Cocktails.  While his home was still under siege, he grabbed one of his guns, and defended his property, by firing a few rounds INTO THE AIR.
When emergency services arrived some 22 minutes later, he was arrested.  Fort what you may think?  For defending his castle.  Apparently only the POLICE have that right.
Here's the kicker: The Crown is actually asking for JAIL TIME!

I'm not a gun supporter, but I do support a person's right to defend their home and family.  It doesn't matter that this Thomson used a gun to defend his home.  He could have used a baseball bat and beat the guys, and he still would have been charged.
It seems that in Canada, our founding fathers never had the intention to allow the citizens of this once great country to defend themselves from domestic crimes.
Contrary to what many people think and say, we have been living in a Police State for the last 143 years.

So, if you're the victim of a Home Invasion, or something of the sort, you are supposed to allow the perpetrator(s) to take what they want, rape your wife and daughter, and not do a damn thing about it. Because if you do, you're likely to spend more time in jail than said perps.
When will people realise where this is all going?  To a fully functioning POLICE STATE, leading to an unconstitutional North American Union, and ultimately a One World Government.

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