Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Revolution Has Begun

Yes, the revolution has begun.  It began in Tunisia, now it's going full-bore in Egypt.  There have been demonstrations around the world in support of this movement.
Yes, the people of this world, the young, the old, the rich, the poor, the disappearing middle-class, every colour, and every creed have begun to stand as one.  To tell these corrupt governments around the world, that, "We won't take it anymore!".

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The corrupt governments of the world have no choice but to take notice.  They're scared.  they know that something huge is about to happen.  And all because of one Tunisian street vendor.
The police, and the powers that be are responding in the only way they know how - VIOLENCE.   Our brothers and sisters are peaceful, yet they resort to tear gas, and rubber bullets.  Kind of reminds you of Montebello and Toronto,  doesn't it?

We need to stand together people!  We need to join our brothers and sisters around the world!  Give them our support!  Give them our voice!

No more rewarding the crooked banks for doing their jobs incorrectly.  No more supporting Countries that are led by criminals! No more rewarding companies that don't know how to run a successful, legitimate business! NO MORE!

A global change is about to happen, and our leaders are shitting their pants.  You've seen it on the news.  You've read it in the papers.  You've listened to it on the radio.  It seems now that the Illuminati controlled media is also joining in this change.  They are being HONEST reporters for a change.  

This global change is coming quickly.  It'll be here before any of us know it.  The regional and global governments will cease to exist.  We will be united as individual states.  As we were meant to be.  The NWO will no longer exist.  The IMF will no longer exist. 

The non-believers of the NWO have now had an enlightening experience.  They see the troubles that leaders in far away lands cause.  It has made them sit back, and look at their own leaders, and see the similarities.  They now know that it is just a matter of time, before their country becomes like Egypt, or Tunisia, or England.
Stand together folks!  Defeat this One World Government!

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