Friday, November 12, 2010

Al Qaeda is FAKE

The basic truth is that Al Qaeda does not exist and never has. Al Qaeda is a manufactured enemy who was created by the Bush Jr. Administration in order to have an excuse to wage a war for the control of the world's oil resources. Those two sentences say it all. Now I'll prove it to you.

Before 9/11, did anyone in the world ever hear of a group called Al Qaeda? Or, was anyone told that this group's alleged leader, Osama Bin Laden has a family who have personal business ties with George W. Bush, and HIS family?

If Al Qaeda was such an organized group of terrorists as we are being told, then why weren't "we the people", notified of this evil threat when the US Cole was bombed a few months before 9/11? Al Qaeda is nothing more than a broad euphemistic umbrella classification used to group any Middle Eastern fighter under the Sun as an enemy. The most diabolical aspect of this public relations stunt is that it enables any Administration to label any group it feels necessary to attack to appear to be related to an improvable organized enemy, while at the same time actually increasing its approval ratings by exploiting the basic primal fears of the general populous. Furthermore when one realizes the questionable motivations that the American government still uses to attack an enemy, as what is now surfacing about the Iraq War, one begins to get the strange feeling that this Orwellian double-speak is nothing more than a smoke and mirror illusion whose true intentions would of made Goebbels himself jealous.

Think about it: How could a bunch of technologically unadvanced group of people from third-world nations such as Al Qaeda ever have any real central organization structure? If they had any real organization they would have most certainly attacked the Americans, or anyone else again after 9/11.

Does it not seem the least bit odd that there have been absolutely no confirmed Al Qaeda attacks since then? The 9/11 attack hasn't even been confirmed as to who did it. For a few ideas of who may be behind those specific attacks, you should watch the movie LOOSE CHANGE.

Other undeniable proof that Al Qaeda was manufactured by the American government: You should watch this small piece from the BBC NEWS.

Basically, what I'm saying is: Al Qaeda does NOT exist. If in fact this group did exist, one could easily assume that more than just one attack on American soil would have occurred in the last 8 ½ years. Al Qaeda is nothing more than a manufactured enemy capitalizing off people's fears. Just think about it, next time you hear Al Qaeda blamed for something.

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