Friday, November 12, 2010

Is Saddam Really Dead?

One of the biggest cover-ups since the John F Kennedy assassination is the capture, and execution of Saddam Hussein.

Saddam was 'captured' on December 13th 2003, by American soldiers during Operation Red Dawn. He was 'found' hiding in a small underground bunker, (spider hole), in a small house, in the small town of ad-Dawr..... albeit alone.

I'm not sure about you, but I would assume that the President of Iraq, and very likely the wealthiest man in the country, wouldn't be hiding alone. He'd have several guards, and sure as Hell wouldn't be hiding in a small hole under a house. Clearly this was staged for public consumption. The world, in particularly the American people were fed another bunch of lies from George W Bush and/or his puppet masters, and/or his cronies.

Saddam was held in custody for quite some time before his War Crimes trial in The Hague. I must say, that was a VERY efficient court. A very quick trial, and very quick verdict. I'm comparing this to the O.J. Simpson Trial, which took 134 days, versus Saddam's trial, which was only 76 days. O.J. Was tried for killing just TWO people. Saddam was tried for killing 148 men. Seems a bit quick for me. But then again, maybe 148 Shiite's aren't as important as two Americans?
Again I argue that this 'court' was just Hollywood. Nothing about it was legitimate.

On December 30th 2006, Saddam Hussein is 'executed'. I remember that day. I remember seeing footage on the news from someone who sneaked their cellphone into the execution chambers.
First of all, if they had to SNEAK their cellphone into the room, I suppose everyone else who were flashing their cameras kept them well hidden too?
I've watched all different footage of Saddam's hanging on TV, and online. They all show the same thing: Saddam walking into the gallows, getting the noose placed around his neck. At this point, the camera is moved, so that he is no longer in view. Then you hear the trap door of the gallows open. After that point, the camera cuts out, and then shows Hussein's body, (stretched neck and all), laying wrapped in a shroud.

I think I've made a pretty valid argument about Saddam Hussein's capture and execution being fake. I'm also pretty sure I'm not the only one who thinks this. It's not just all 'conspiracy' people either. If you look at the facts, the information provided by a little research, and You Tube footage, you'll see it just doesn't add up at all.
So I ask you, my faithful readers: If you can find actual video footage of Saddam hanging, please point me in that direction. I wish you luck though, it doesn't exist.

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  1. why the fuck can they show Saddam being captured & be hanged but they cant show Osama being killed?!