Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Want To Learn About The ILLUMINATI?

After doing a bit of research, I stumbled across this treasure. If you've ever wanted to be better educated about The Illuminati, then this would be the place for you to look. This article is a wealth of knowledge.

Bavarian Illuminati


  1. Are they real and if they are may the good lord GOD ALMIGHTY HELP US on earth

  2. To the anonymous... yeah its real. I made it my mission in life, to stop it.

  3. the illumanti sucks so does the devil f yall i belive in god an dats all

  4. i think its real people that dont are fake.

  5. i believe you brother. shalom

  6. good people would you please use your minds if this was true it would not be made public.the "illuminati" is just a paranoia and a brain wash

  7. by the way i am sizwe january(Grahamstown South Africa) and i dare the "illuminati" to track me down if they are what they claim to be

  8. I truely believe that the illuminati is very much real. I also feel that they will try and take over the world if they haven't already!!!

    -Fuck Them
    -Love GOD

  9. Belive me 9/ 11 was just the start thete is more to come, if people dont open there eyes and speak out now then we will be the ones who suffer, cant you see they run our banks our school and the media, every thing you see on tv that the all seeing eye on it. They own the music we lisen too and films we watch and they put it right in front of us to mock our lord, somtimes the sign is in plain sight.

    "Time is what we see
    And time will tell"

    The big ben in london is the next act of the illuminati

  10. I agree with all the comments I've read thanku you 2 all of jesus true believers we need 2 stick 2gether 2 shut down all the b.s that the illuminati is trying 2 create screw the fancy cars clothes woman men sex 4get all that imagine jesus promise 2 us eternity that's way mre valuable then the worldly riches stay strong stay positive and don't let the devil win remember the devil is a lie and jesus is going 2 return so 2 all the none believers get ur soul back repent and believe that are heavenly father is coming back!!!

  11. Listen Folks... if it wasn't for these group of people then we would not have the world as we know it. There is nothing wrong with power and money...it's all in how you use both at the end of the day and all this jibber-jabber is purely speculation unless you personally know them ALL... I happen to know 1... Bill Clinton.

  12. i believe it is true!!!!! and those who dont........ well they're just not too bright

  13. we need ILLUMINATI because the god is science...
    they bring us bright of knowledge and union

  14. Why can't people see things from both sides? It seems like you all are either only for the existents of the illuminati og of god. I'd like to think there is people who are illuminators or what they should be called. But I don't judge anyone for their believes whether it's in people og a god.

    - Katarina

  15. without illuminati you would stil heard sheeps and grow crops with horses

  16. Here's a great link: http://www.whodidit.org
    The address for the 9/11 co-conspirators with their pictures:

    Eliot Abrams
    Marc Grossman
    Philip Zelikow
    Ari Fleischer
    Michael Mukasey
    Scooter Libby
    Jack Abramoff
    Douglas Feith
    George Tenet (?)
    Dov Zakheim
    Murdoch (who tries to hide his Jewish identity)
    Michael Chertoff
    Chertoff’s son (Benjamin) [?], who wrote the influential party-line article on 9/11 for
    Popular Mechanics, PM is a Hearst publication
    Et. al.

    *I think that there are 103 or so names. At very least, twenty are Zionists, or support the Zionist cause (and the exclusion of Palestinians) and many have dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship. Many are also members of PNAC.

    Analysis of the Suspected 9-11 Criminal Coconspirators.
    Of the 103 people named on the list of Suspected 9-11 Criminal Coconspirators there are:
    22 current or former members of George W. Bush’s White House (21.4%);
      4 current or former members of Congress (3.9%);
      6 current or former FBI agents or officials (5.8%);
      6 current or former CIA agents or officials (5.8%);
      6 current or former officials of New York (5.8%);
    12 current or former high-ranking USG military commanders (11.7%);
    13 current or former USG officials (not included above) (12.6%);
    12 current or former members of PNAC (11.7%);
    16 consultants, lobbyists, or members of a “think tank” (not including PNAC) (15.5%);
    12 engineers (11.7%);
    34 current or former corporate executives (33.0%);
      4 senior “statesmen” (3.9%);
      5 members of the Bush family (4.9%);
      1 Canadian (1.0%);
      1 Pakistani (1.0%);
      2 Arabs (1.9%);
      2 Brits (1.9%);
      4 known or suspected Mossad agents (3.9%);
    14 people who hold “dual citizenship” (13.6%); and
    27 Israelis and Zionists (including people with “dual citizenship” noted above) (26.2%).
    Note: Since the same person can be counted in more than one category, the tally above will not add up to 103 and the percentages will not total to 100%.

  17. let d illuminati cum 4we heard abt it now let it cum lets al hav barcode in durban kushikishwe ufudu ingane yabantu ilale emnyango ese fikile u lucifer nezakhe... Durban guy.

  18. I hear "illuminati,illuminati..."!i dont fear those fuckers.who cares about them anyway?

  19. i believe in Jesus christ only,

  20. you all need to wake up and consider the possibility that there is no god, or at least not in the way you have been traditionally tought after all jesus said it himself on many occasions in the bible.. god is in each and every one of us!

    and if this is true what you are doing is creating fear and hate of the unkown! education is the way forward! open your minds and think for yourselves! stop being TOLD what to think! because irrational fear will create war... and war is what might destroy the world!

    and before anyone says it, i am no a member of any organisation! i am just an ordinary person that enjoys using the brain i have been blessed with! but hey this is just my opinion...

  21. Only God exist ,illuminati is just a fiction.

  22. think its about time some people woke up an smelt the beans.illuminati an freemasonry is something that is there an happenin as we speak.its clear that some people do not read!go to google type illuminati an ul be horrifeid.the end time is near an THE SECOND COMMING OF THE LORD IS AT HAND.BEWARE!as yoself this which side am i on!

  23. " and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the words of their testimonies and they love not their lives even unto death" the name JESUS is greater than any other organisation or any fucking name.

  24. People I am here to tell everyone of yu that if yu believe in God yu have to believe in the devil there cannot be one without the other good is God without an o and evil is Devil without a d so they both are either 1 letter short or 1 to many think about it there can't be 1 without the other unless 1 is trapped like the bible says the devil will be trapped but after that time repeats and starts over because 1 of the rulers is gone we need to just believe in both good and evil taking sides will cause hatred but if we accept both hatred should parish oh and I'm 17 so I don't know much but if yu try to act brave illuminati will come for yu one way or another, sooner or later and it won't be an accident please people we can stop this whole thing just believe and we can leave this world and go to the heavenly world that awaits every single one of us.

  25. i want to join them for i need all they have too

    please if you have any idea about them or how to join please email me


  26. u ppl r crazy, u know w@?ma mum has always told me to bliv in God n thats what I do.

  27. to me illuminati xist. They want to eliminate religion's (islam and christianity). They achived alot on the latter and now they concentrate on the former. It's clear as U can see and here by urself. May Allah help us.

  28. wehter you believe in illuminati or not all i am jus asking you people is just to spend your time thinking about GOD an JESUS's second coming for even the devil knows that he's time is coming to an end hence he strives to devour everyone. thats why he even makes you spend time which you should have been dedicating to GOD on this unfriutful topic. and besides we know that the devil is gonna be defeated including all his followers so the real question here is which side are u on, the alredy defeated or the winning? Ask yoself this question

  29. i just heard illuminati last Wednesday and it got on my mind that if they really exists we should be alarmed and beware because we dont know that evils are just there and we are accepting them freely without fully knowledge about it. i must admit that this is new to me and i want to let everybody to be more watchful and careful in every dealings of all the people that surrounds us. let us not take this thing for granted. and ofcourse we should not fogetr that in every misfortunes that came and will come, only strong faith to our Saviour Jesus Christ and prayer is the best weapon against evil.


  31. Illuminati - Illuminatus - Enlightened

    The catholic churches pushed us down, For so long, Hiding our existence If you knew anything about your religion you would know that we are real. Pushing our affairs into the government, Science is God. Confused with "satanic worshippers". When the churches come crashing down we shall be there to overthrow the religious countries. People will beg to learn the way of our God.

  32. I believe and wish to be a part of the illuminati. I have the anaogram tattooed on my arm already and have done extensive research. It is real and has been in existence in the U.S. for many many years. Society should open there eyes and not be afraid, they should embrace the inevitable.

  33. i have faith in the institution of "ILLUMINATI", and i believe that it works as a philanthropist. They are here for the better good.
    Let they be the greatest conspire r's , let them conspire against the wrong.
    I accept them as they are.

  34. to hell with illuminati! start my own crew illumi-not-me! jesus christ! cradle to the grave!

  35. Why hate us when you can join we have one mission in the world which is to help other get rid of minority governments and abolish state governments